GYB offers no pressure, impartial and independent insurance advice. We help you find the right insurance before you need it, so you avoid learning the hard way and we help you get the best outcomes for your insurance cover, premiums and claims.


GYB is an independent insurance brokerage, not an agent for any particular insurer(s). This ensures we can always offer the best and most relevant advice to help our clients make informed decisions based on their unique circumstances.


Our experienced business insurance advisor’s know that every business is unique. We consult with our clients to ensure we have a thorough understanding of their business and in particular their risk exposure. We help identify potential risks and evaluate the best way to manage each risk, whether through insurance or internal risk management.

Gaps in your insurance coverage are usually not obvious, but they can be very costly. Our experts will identify potential gaps in your cover, ensure you understand the risks involved and offer solutions to fill the gaps and eliminate the risk.

You will have confidence that you are protected and your risks are well managed.


The little details hiding in an insurance policy can be the difference between good cover, or exposure to uninsured  risk. We focus a lot of our energy into staying abreast of all our suppliers products and service offerings to ensure our clients are in a position to take advantage of these or are kept well informed.

Our experts have broad knowledge of both commercial/business and domestic insurance. We provide advice on a wide range of products and services. We have access to over a dozen local and international underwriters/insurers.

Insurance services for the masses don’t always cover every conceivable scenario. Our advisor’s will often find gaps and unique risks that don’t have obvious solutions. Our focus is always on finding practical best value methods of reducing or managing your risk.


Our experts communicate in plain English and avoid jargon and vague or confusing language where possible. When we do have to use industry jargon or technical terminology, we’ll ensure you understand it clearly.


We review your insurance annually to identify changes in your business or gaps that affect your cover. When your business changes or diversifies, you don’t often think to tell your insurer right? We understand that. Our annual reviews have helped many of our clients avoid large losses.

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