Making a Claim For Marine

As soon as you are aware of any loss that is likely to result in a claim under a marine cargo policy, please contact us to discuss the circumstances and arrange for a claim form. You will also need to ensure that you lodge a preliminary ‘Pro-forma’ Claim on the shipowner, airline operator, road or rail carriers, port authorities – as applicable – and any other bailee associated with the transit. The preliminary marine claims should be a general advice containing sufficient information to identify the goods and the nature of the loss or damage.

Marine claims can be rather technical. To enable your claim to be dealt with promptly, your insurer will require documentation, including (as applicable):

  • Original certificate or policy of insurance.
  • Original bill of lading, airway bill, consignment note, or other contract of carriage. It is important to ensure that the document of carriage is an original or a copy containing all the conditions of transport (usually on the reverse).
  • Supplier’s invoice for the full shipment. If this does not specify the terms of sale, this information should be separately provided.
  • Shipping invoice, together with the shipping specifications, weight dockets and packing lists.
  • Delivery dockets. This will include tally notes, delivery receipts, EWP notes (“Examined Without Prejudice” – this is a delivery docket issued by a shipowner acknowledging that the goods have been examined and deficiencies found, but is not admitting liability).
  • Original or copy of any temperature recording chart.
  • Invoices for repair and other costs incurred in remedying damage or preventing loss.
  • Sale notes or auction receipts where damaged goods are sold.
  • Copy of the preliminary (Pro-forma) claim and final, valued claim on the carrier or bailee, and the responses received.
  • Copy of the invitation to the carrier or bailee to attend a joint inspection of the goods, and the response received.
  • Copies of any other correspondence exchanged with the carrier or bailee.

Email us to make a claim:

Or contact us by phone: +64 4 586 2728

What happens next?

Once we have received your claim we will:

  • Contact you to discuss your claim.
  • Notify your insurer of your claim.
  • Keep you informed of progress and advocate for you to ensure your claim is settled as efficiently as possible.