AJIB Rebrands to GYB Insurance

We have re-branded!

It is with pleasure that we announce AJIB’s rebrand to GYB Insurance Brokers, effective 1 April 2017.

With this rebrand we aim to state our mission in our name – we’ve “Got Your Back”, representing your best interests at every stage of the insurance process, through independent, transparent, and bespoke advice tailored to suit your needs.

What does this mean for my business?

Our business structure remains the same, with no changes for how we do business and maintain our relationship with you.

What’s new?

GYB Insurance Brokers aims to clearly define the suite of insurance solutions we offer you; we’ve got your back for business, trade, domestic, life, and travel insurance.

We are adapting a sustainable business model, combining relationship-focused service with streamlined, yet tailored, digital insurance solutions.

Our premium trust account details are changing to:

GYB Insurance Brokers Limited

Contact details:

The contact details for GYB Insurance Brokers are listed below. Correspondence sent to our previous email addresses will be redirected.

New websites:



04 586 2728
Text TRADE to 590


If you have any further queries, please contact Chris Jecks:

Chris Jecks
GYB Insurance Brokers

+64 27 283 3782

We look forward to continuing our relationship and providing tailored insurance solutions for you and your business as we implement the GYB Insurance Brokers rebrand.

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