Making a Claim For Public Liability

As soon as you are aware of any loss that is likely to result in a claim under a liability policy, please contact us to discuss the circumstances and arrange for an appropriate claim form. Public liability claims aren’t always cut and dried. They often require consultation with your insurer and/or legal representation to devise a defence strategy. To ensure that you do not prejudice your position with your insurer, it is important that you:

  • Do no admit liability.
  • Advise us as soon as you become aware of any claim or circumstances that could rise to a claim under your policy.
  • Take all reasonable steps to minimise the claim and avoid any further liability arising.
  • Notify the police if you suspect the claim involves criminal activity (e.g. employee theft or fraud).
  • Do not incur any costs or expenses without your insurers prior consent.

Email us to make a claim:

Or contact us by phone: +64 4 586 2728

What happens next?

Once we have received your claim we will:

  • Contact you to discuss your claim.
  • Notify your insurer of your claim.
  • Keep you informed of progress and advocate for you to ensure your claim is settled as efficiently as possible.