Getting to Know Our Insurance Broker: A Q&A with Holly Keith 

As one of our newest insurance brokers Holly Keith has been helping clients navigate the complicated world of insurance and providing them with the best possible coverage for their needs. In this Q&A, we sit down with Holly to learn more about what inspired her to become a broker, what sets her apart from others in the industry, and how she builds strong relationships with our clients.

What made you decide to become an insurance broker? 

I didn’t really ‘decide’ to be an insurance broker, I started out as broker support and then with a bit of a restructure within the office, kind of fell into the role. But I have been enjoying it ever since.

What do you enjoy most about your job as an insurance broker? 

I enjoy working with first home buyers and start-up businesses, as most of them are unsure of what insurance coverage they need and genuinely appreciate the help I give with guiding them through that process.

What sets you apart from other insurance brokers in the industry? 

What sets me apart from other brokers is that I’m young and pretty fresh to the industry, meaning that I’m keen to learn as much as possible to ensure my knowledge is up to scratch. I’m not stuck in my old ways and embrace change. 

How do you build and maintain strong relationships with your clients, and what strategies do you use to ensure that they feel confident and supported throughout the insurance process?

 I think the best way to build a relationship with clients is to be honest and have clear and regular communication with them. If I’m unsure of a question they have I go away and find out rather than guess my way through, and I think clients really appreciate that. Speaking to a client over the phone and then reiterating what you spoke about in writing also makes them feel comfortable with the advice they have been given.

Can you share a success story about a client that you helped with their insurance needs? 

Recently I had a client referred to me who wanted to buy their first home. They had already received a few quotes from the market and couldn’t understand why my quotes were higher than others. After I explained the lack of coverage their quotes had compared to mine, they were extremely relieved that they took the time to source quotes from a broker so that they wouldn’t be left out of pocket if a claim occurred.

Holly is dedicated to providing exceptional service to her clients, guiding them through the insurance process, and ensuring that they have the best possible coverage for their needs. Her commitment to building strong relationships with clients and providing them with honest and clear communication sets her apart from other brokers in the industry. If you’re looking for an insurance broker that you can trust, be sure to reach out to Holly